In June 2011, I left the police after 34 years as a Senior Detective working mostly in the Criminal Investigation Department ( CID) on major complex investigations, murder enquiries and reviews of unresolved homicides and "cold" cases.

After working in the "fast lane" at the peak of my police career on so many challenging exciting and high profile cases, I was "retiring" which is a word I hate as I felt I had so much to give so lets just say leaving the police.

I decided to do something which would allow me to utilise my skills as a Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) on major investigations and try to help victims in pursuit of the straplines I developed during the Serial Killer Peter Tobin enquiry namely:

  • "The Search for The Truth" and "Leave no Stone Unturned" 

David Swindle Crime Solutions created on 1st July 2011 has continued to develop with a pool of multilingual experts now providing independent review capability, support and advice for various crimes and serious crimes in the UK and abroad.

As a Senior Investigating Officer I always said I did not have the monopoly on ideas and was a firm believer in utilising and trusting the best expertise available. 

This is what's happened over the years I have developed David Swindle Crime Solutions I now have and continue to develop an amazing skill set of experts. 

The business strapline says it all:

"Recycling Experience to provide multilingual expert crime advice"