What's Happening in the World of David Swindle?

What's Happening in the World of David Swindle
Since “David Swindle Crime Solutions” was established in July 2011 a strong internet presence has been established with:-
Indeed the work David and his multilingual team of experts have been doing regarding the:
  • unresolved homicide of Craig Mallon in Lloret de Mar, Spain                                                    in May 2012 http://craigmallon.com/  
  • unresolved suspicious death of Kirsty Maxwell in Benidorm Spain                                        in April 2017 www.kirstymaxwell.com 
have been heavily reliant on strong social networking multilingual strategies to target people in other countries for information.
There's lots of internet, social media and media references regarding David Swindle and his team's work however what's missing is a more personalised, objective and informative online facility to keep the public and clients updated.
To help fill the gap the Blog which will be updated regularly has been created.
I am looking forward to populating this Blog with information which hopefully followers will find interesting.
“David Swindle Crime Solutions”