David Swindle is case reviewer and known to many from his appearances on television.  David retired from the Police after 34 years mostly spent in the CID and during his highly successful career David was involved in hundreds of murder investigations and at the forefront of implementing change and developing innovative national crime investigation processes.  David set up David Swindle Crime Solutions in 2011 and since then, his skills and strategic vision have been very much in demand by a variety of public and private sector organisations for investigative, advice and case review issues abroad and in the UK.  His work as Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) saw him managing high profile and challenging UK cross border investigations including the Glasgow Airport Terrorist Investigation and the murder of Polish student Angelika Kluk in Glasgow. He also formed Operation Anagram to investigate serial killer Peter Tobin’s involvement in other crimes. 

David works with a small but highly skilled group of multilingual colleagues.  All of whom are dedicated to finding justice for the victim and giving closure to the family.  The varied and painstaking work centres around reviewing each case and identifying new leads to take the case forward.  We work closely with the family of the victim to provide translation, advice and support.  Sadly this is often the first time the family has had this with many finding it difficult to get help in the days and weeks following a tragedy. In many cases, the main issues are the language barrier and not knowing the system of a foreign country and this leads to additional stress at a very difficult time. 

Some cases come to us years after the death of the victim but as David says

                        "the passage of time does not diminish a victim´s right to justice"